To Cape Tribulation Day Nine

We got up at 7:00 to go to Cape Tribulation, we took the car to get  there. We ended up on a cable ferry, then we got on and went across the Daintree river. That made as enter the Daintree rain forest.

We drove paste the Daintree icecream company which looked fantastic. We went for a walk on a board walk then went to Cape Tribulation (a nice town).


We had a coffee and booked a jungle surfing trip, luckily there were only two spots left, just enough for us. After we booked jungle surfing we had an hour’s worth of time up our sleeves, so we went for a walk and we had another drink.

Finally it was time to go jungle surfing. We took a bus from where we booked it and off we went. We got our equipment which was a harness and helmet. I loved the  helmets because they had names on them, I was the cookie monster and my mum was snow white. After that we started walking up hill, it was a very short walk.


Then we were winched up to the first tree and we went on from there to four other trees. At the last tree we got to go up side down, me and some how my mum did it.

And then we went to the icecream place and got banana, raspberry, Soursop, and wattle seed icecream before we went back to Port Douglas. On the way back we saw beautiful sunset.



Going to the Great Barrier Reef Day Eight

Today I got up and had breakfast nice and early because me and my mum were going to go Great Barrier Reef. I was so excited to go to Great Barrier Reef. I’ve been waiting to do this my whole life and then I got to go.

We were going with Wavelength because it was a smaller company and less crowded. We got picked up by bus and when we got  there we got chocolate cupcakes, they tasted really good. We were with three instructors, two boys and a girl, and around 30 other people. They gave us flippers, snorkel and a wetsuit. As soon as I got in the water it was crawling with wild life. I met a really nice person who taught me how to dive and now I can dive around three metres.


We went to three different areas and the last one was the best because it had turtles and lots of sharks.

I loved the Great Barrier Reef.

IMG_5706 IMG_5611 IMG_5649 IMG_5652  IMG_5656 IMG_5723

To Rendezvous Reef Resort Day six and seven

Today I got up had breakfast and got ready to do white water rafting. I could not wait to go because I had never done it before and it looked fun. When we got there by car a bus took us to the top of the river. Our equipment was a helmet, life jacket, shoes and paddle. We had to carry the boat to the water. It was so heavy.

We got in the water and our instructor taught us how to forward paddle, back paddle, hold on, big hold on, to the left, and to the right. Forward paddle is moving your paddle forward so the boat goes forwards and back paddle is moving your paddle back so the boat goes back. Hold on means hold on to the rope and big hold on means jump down in the boat while holding on. To the left means every one on the right goes to the left and to the right means every one on the left goes right, so if there’s a rock that we are going to hit on the right the person in charge would say to the left. We went along and went past many part of the river like devil’s pool and the honey moon. The honey moon was called that because there is a tube, and a couple fell off the boat. They went down the river and the man went around the tube and the girl went through the tube, they ended up holding hands, when they came up there was not a scratch on them.

My favourite thing was river surfing. What you do in river surfing is there is a rock that faces down so when you go near it the front of boat gets sucked in. Me and some one called Joseph got to go to the front of the boat  and get soaked by water.

We went down small water falls which was so fun. I learned all the levels of the river are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. level one is not strong water at all 2 is stronger and s0 on but number 6 is you’re going to die! All up I loved it.

                                                                                      Day seven  

My mum was getting bitten from bed bugs from day three and she complained to the front desk and they got found so we had to move. Unfortunately that took us the whole day.

Rendezvous Reef Resort Day Five

In the morning we got up and got breakfast, then we got ready to go to the Sky Rail to Kuranda. When we got there we went in the sky lift gondola all by ourselves, but it was nice and the scenery was amazing. We had to stop at the next station to get on the other gondola to get to the top. But we took a tour at the first stop and we got to learn about plants. I learned what the basket tree is and that a type of plant can kill you. Then we ended up going with two other people in the gondola. They were nice and funny people. We ended up going with them again in the next gondola.

After that we went shopping and I bought a really awesome hat.


Then we went on a old train to go back it was really good because we learned history about the  train tracks and about the train. It was longer to go by train because we had to go around and on the sky rail we just went straight. Then we caught a coach back to the start of the sky rail. After that I got told that my mums friend was here, I was so glad. My mum mentioned that it was a coincidence and that it wasn’t planed. We went over to a party with her and I two meet to kids named Tomes and Nick, me my mm and my mums friend went out for dinner.

Rendezvous Reef Resort Day Four

When we got up we went and had breakfast we could have as much as we wanted because it was all you can eat, I ate three serves of cereal. Then me and my mum went to the beach and we saw the smallest crab ever.


here is a photo of the beach.

It was a nice walk at the beach because I felt the breeze in my face and there was lots of fauna, we also saw some wild birds foraging. After that I went swimming in he cave at the swimming pool. Then me and  mum went to the an animal park, we saw many different animals Cassowary  to olive python  and olive pythons to salt water crocodiles. The thing I loved most is learning that cows kill more people then crocodiles. Here are some pictures of some animals in the park.


After that me and my mum went out for dinner. It was really good because I got to choose where we went.

To Rendezvous Reef Resort Day three

In the morning I got up and went on the computer knowing that we were going to the Rendezvous Reef Resort, I was really excited. I went on my last hike in the forest which was the best because I saw wallabies. Then I was late and to make that worse I got lost and we were going to go but I found my way back by following the noises of the adults. We were going to pick up our hire car. While we were talking to the front desk guy, Nick was unloading the car getting our luggage and putting our luggage in the car.

Our hire car


Then we said that if they want they can come over to our apartment, then we said goodbye. Me and my mum went out shopping for a while, then we went to the Rendezvous Reef Resort. We ended up at the wrong place because my mum put in the wrong directions on the phone, but we got there in the end. When we got there my mum went grocery shopping and I unpacked. She was so quick, that was good because I could then go in the pool.


Then we went out for dinner, I had spaghetti bolognaise.

At Julatten Day Two

Today was a very short day I got up went on the computer and had breakfast. Me, mum and the dog Nala went out for a walk and I was out for an hour I also took some photos.


Then  I went on the computer and played some games called Siegiuse Arena, Dream world, War droids, Mud and blood and Epic war. My favorite game was Siegiuse Arena Because it was war and strategy. For snacks I had Doritos, dream chocolate and lemonade. I made a mushroom house from clay, which was nowhere near as good as Boo’. Here is a picture of Boo’s.


I helped with the fire it wasn’t the biggest but it did the job, here is a picture of the fire.


For dinner we had a chicken salad  it was better than it looked.Here is a photo.


It was a nice relaxing day and I needed it.